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Buyer under contract in the first 60 days! TESTING

I have been with Curaytor since July so we are really newbies. I do have a team with 4 agents who work the buyer leads. Myself and one other person work the seller leads. I have a great team assistant who does a lot on Curaytor for us. She does the CABing and works the site we both watch all the webinars, podcasts anything that Curaytor provides for us. I also have a virtual assistant which is one of my best hires. I love the marketer program but felt that we were new and needed to learn everything we could. I could go that route in the future. If you are an agent without any support I don’t know how you would do this without help. Curaytor is a website on steroids!! My virtual assistant sends a digital newsletter to our clients every Friday local events etc our monthly giveaway and this week we did the Zillow ad and we actually picked up some past clients interest in knowing what their property is worth that is called a pipeline. We have, in 60 days, gotten a buyer under contract from Curaytor. I am the team leader but I am engaged in my backend every day. This is a very giving group and I made a great decision to join Curaytor.

The plan for success is easily achievable due to the Curaytor Staff

Jess is an excellent marketer and I can expect like clockwork a Monday morning email with the marketing plan for the week. The onboarding process with Wendy was very thorough and she had to follow up with me a couple of times because I dropped the ball on finishing the training. I am in a booming market right now so it's nice to have everything laid out for me and the plan for success is easily achievable due to the Curaytor Staff and the Facebook Focus Group. I am a one man band or a Wolfpack of one (hangover movie reference) so I do not have the luxury of an Office Staff or other agents to bounce ideas off of. It's nice to have insight from not only other agents but in other markets as well that have great ideas. All in all the whole Curaytor package (Marketer, CRM, FB Group) is what I needed in order to stay at the top of the Real Estate Industry for my market.

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Our sales volume has more than doubled from $2.8M as of June 30, 2016, to $6.3M as of June 30, 2017. We tripled the number of agents in the brokerage, and our Property Management Division has doubled, since June, 2016. We believe Curaytor Marketer is the main reason for this increase. #dowhatchrissays

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I'm a raving fan. RAVING! TESTING!

I'm 3 months in and I'm a raving fan.  RAVING!  Best money I've ever spent in real estate and I have spent a lot of money!

Curaytor is one of a kind!

Curaytor is one of a kind!  If you're serious about taking your business to the next level and want to leave the details to the experts, this company is for you!   They know what works and they do all the heavy lifting for you!   They stay in front of the curve so you don't have to worry about it!  Their customer service is very responsive and provide accurate, detailed steps to accomplishing any idea or project you wish to execute!   They're so good that I almost hate to even tell anyone about them!  However, once you get a chance to "mastermind" with agents all over the country, you quickly see the power and benefit in sharing this company with everyone you know!   It's truly a game changer!    They are SUPER DOG AWESOME!

We have brought in just about 1000 leads over the last 5 weeks through our Curaytor system

We have brought in just about 1000 leads over the last 5 weeks through our Curaytor system (We went live with Curaytor about 5 weeks ago). We have put 3 buyers into escrow during that time period and are working on two listings who will also be buyers. We have about 10 buyers we are actively working on finding homes for. We subscribe to working the market of the moment. At the moment buyers are easier to come by than sellers so we are focusing on buyers. When the seller market opens up a little more we will change our focus.

Current Strategy:
We have found we are getting more listings through our buyer ads. Some of these buyers need to sell in order to buy. The seller valuation ads work too but we are finding a longer incubation period of 8-12 months with some being even longer (this data predates our Curaytor system). We are playing the numbers by bringing in as many leads as we can handle regardless of what type of leads they are (seller vs. buyer). We are challenged in finding homes for some of our buyers and yet there are those we can get into a homes quickly. 


We've developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote your home.

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